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Pathological Demand Avoidance

Stephs Two Girls
Stories of family life involving a type of autism known as PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance)
Riko’s PDA page
I write about PDA and how it affects me, what PDA is and how it affects others, including children.
Me, myself & PDA
I’m an adult living with a diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). I also have a diagnosis of ADHD and Psychotic Episodes.
Dinky and me
I am mum to Dinky who is awesome- she also has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder-PDA, ADHD and Sensory integration difficulties


And next Comes L

A Blog about hyperlexia + autism + other tales of learning. With sensory resources, educational activities and crafts for kids, as well as hyperlexia and autism resources

The Moaning Mummy

Mother of ASD child blogging about day to day life and all of its challenges

Tyger Bear & Me

Mum’s blog about herself and the cubs; ASD galore!
A blog about raising my autistic son

Stories and reflections on family life with autism thrown into the mix
Autism Mumma

Wife, mumma, wearer of purple, autism parent
Blogger Mummy Lauren

blogging about family life, autism, fashion, days out and much more.
Chaos in Kent

Parenting, marriage, special needs, getting fit, healthy eating, journalling, productivity (with a side dish of procrastination) and mindfulness.

Diary of an imperfect mum

writing about the realities of parenting and campaigning to raise awareness of Autism by sharing my own family experiences
Faith Mummy

Life with two children with autism and a mum that believes in miracles.
It’s a Tink thing
wife, a mummy, a stepmum, and knackered. This blog is my way of dealing with the craziness of my mind and our life right now
Our Little Escapades
Blogging our way through life, love, autism and everything in-between!
Rainbows are too beautiful
Stories, information, and some opinion from a mum parenting 3 autistic and neuro-typical kids – raising awareness and offering support along the way.
Raisie Bay
Blogger mum of 5 living with Transverse Myelitis. Daughter has Autism and Elhers Danlos Syndrome.
Someone’s Mum
I blog about general parenting topics, as well as our experience with autism and issues surrounding teaching.
A slice of autism
Mum, blogger, Autism HLTA, reader, drinker of coffee and very accident prone 30 something!
Emily’s Puzzle
a candid blog about the realities and struggles of raising two children with autism, homeschooling and finding yourself along the way.
From the bowels of motherhood
A blog from the trenches of motherhood. I write about raising three littles, autism and military family life.
Inside the rainbow
Forty-something wife, mother and misfit - blogging about autism and life as a hormonally challenged idiot.
Melting it down
Uncovering and meeting the needs of our special needs kids.
Our world and autism
I’m blogging to share with the world what family life is like for us Living with Autism.
Pink Oddy
Happily married with 4 boys aged 7-19 years. The oldest and youngest have special needs. I blog about varying aspects of my life.
Raising the Rainbows
Mum of 4 from Manchester. You will find autism parent moans, reviews, recipes and giveaways here.
Running through water
What it’s like: One family’s A-Z journey through autism.
Stories about autism
Talking about the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad, all with the hope of improving autism awareness.
Upside Mum
A blog about family life, love, adventures, kids and coping with our son's autism.
The Mother Hub
a feminist website and is a strong believer in women supporting women and shuns judgement of any kind. Her son is recently diagnosed with ASD and ADHD, which is an occasional theme in her writing.
The life of Reilly
non verbal, super cute & autistic.
Sunshine and showers
It takes sunshine and showers to make a rainbow. Our life over the spectrum. #AutismExplained
Sugar, spice & all things autism
I am here to spread the highs, the lows, the easy, the complicated, the funny, the sad and the amazing sides of having children with autism.
Autism with lots of love and affection

Autism laid bare. This page is about Our life with numerous conditions, ASD being the primary one. Hopefully raising awareness of autism in girls.

Other SEND bloggers

Its all about Evie
Website, twitter, facebook
Evie’s world is a wonderful place to be.
Caring in the Chaos
A Personal Blog About Raising a Child With Special Needs whilst Being a Single Parent
Chromosomes and coffee
My main aim with this blog is to present the troubles and triumphs that we face from hospital appointments, to fabulous achievements, that we always keep our expectations high and that there truly is life beyond a diagnosis.
Little Mama Murphy
Mostly this is me, rambling about family life with a 'medical mystery', an undiagnosed child; the good, the bad and the downright chaotic.
Looking for blue sky
Lone parent living in a special needs bubble. Writing about life.
Mum on a mission
Just a Mum on a mission to make the world more accessible for her son.
Ordinary Hopes
When your version of "ordinary" is a bit different to most, how do you live a full and active life?

You just keep trying.
Sensory Sensitive Mummy
Passionate for awareness – sensory processing disorder.
Special parents handbook
Trying to make things better for Special Needs Families everywhere.
The wrong kind of snow
One families adventures in developmental delay and autism. We're getting there, but the wrong kind of snow as changed our travel plans.

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