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October 2017, Autism Awareness.com
How I see myself in you

August 2017, Special Needs Jungle
SEND Blogger Showcase 3: Life and ASC & A Wheelie Great Adventure

June 2017, Diary of an Imperfect Mum
Parenting from a special Perspective: Life with ASD and the rest

March 2017, AutismAwareness.com
Overcoming my moments of Jealousy

February 2017, AutismAwareness.com
How my Son's Autism Changed me

Autistica and Discover

I am proud to be part of the campaign to launch Discover, which aims to boost autism research in the UK.

By joining Discover, you pledge to speed up autism research and change lives by
  • involving more autistic people in research studies
  • focusing research on areas chosen by autistic people and their families
  • collaborating with other autism researchers on bigger and better studies
  • helping families and autistic people to understand how research affects them
  • calling for services to be evidence-based and effective
  • campaigning for better Government support

AutismAwareness.com and Mums who inspire

In May 2017 I was delighted to be listed by AutismAwareness.com as a mother who inspires.

BAPS Awards - Nomination for The Truth about SEND

In February 2017 I was honoured to be nominated for a BAPS awards, for blogging The Truth about SEND. 
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