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Welcome to my ramblings,

I'm Helen - a full time working mum to two bundles of energy that have enriched the colour and tone of my life with their enthusiasm and their ability to bring something new to each day. Both my son and I are diagnosed autistic.

In early 2015, with the threat of school exclusion looming, my Son was diagnosed with Autism. Shortly after I started this blog. You can read my early thoughts from the week of diagnosis here

Within a year we had received a further diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA), been moved on from two schools and developed first hand experience of the challenges associated with trying to get an Educational Health & Care plan (EHCP).

Our current understanding of his needs is that he has Autism, with PDA, is of above average intelligence and has significant challenges with social thinking, social communication and emotional regulation which has lead to a number of behavioural challenges in the past.

My Son in now in a special school, where his challenging behaviour disappeared overnight as a result of the right strategies being used with him. Each week is now seems to be bringing new celebrations, as opposed to celebrations and we are looking forward to helping him develop his social skills now that we don't seem to have the school fight on our hands any more.

My daughter seems to be neurotypical, however often struggles with social anxiety and sensory issues. She is still to young to understand why her brother sometimes behaves the way he does, but she is handling it well.

We live in Buckinghamshire UK, and love nothing more than heading off on an adventure - this usually involves a trip to the local woods, or making full use of our Max Card.

This often requires some creative parenting, however we seem to be managing to find ways to get around our Son's Demand Avoidance and keep his anxiety within manageable levels.

I identified with much that I learnt whilst trying to work out how to support my son, and this led me to my own autism diagnosis in July 2017.

After 7 years of struggling to be promoted at work, I finally managed it in September last year. I believe this is wholly due to me using many of the strategies learnt from supporting my son, at work. It transformed the way in which I work, and gave me the courage to speak out to others about what I needed to be successful.

Given mine and my son's experiences, and challenges that we have faced in school and at work, I am keen to ensure that more is done to embrace Neurodiversity. I don't want anyone having to live with the anxiety of not fitting in and struggling to adapt to a world that is not made for them.

My blogging has been my therapy and record keeping. It  allows me to work through my emotions as we experience the highs and the lows, and capture what we have learnt as we progress through our journey.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and that some of the thoughts, tips and links that I have shared come in handy for you.

with love,


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