The Neurodiversity Notions Linky #1

Welcome to my new Neurodiversity notions linky, where you can share and read posts relating to neurodiversity in educational settings and workplaces. This includes Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, Autism, Bipolar, OCD, Tourette Syndrome, and others.

On the first Thursday of each month I will post a new linky asking for people to share any posts relevant to embracing neurodiversity in educational settings and workplaces. I hope it will become the desitination for posts on strategies, challenges, thoughts and advice relevant to supporting neurodiverse needs and establishing cultures which embrace the benefits of neurodiversity.

For those who have not heard of a linky before, it is a way for bloggers to collectively share blog posts on a common topic. It is a great way for fellow bloggers to share their own posts, and for my lovely readers to discover new posts.

Each month I will share one of my own posts and will choose a favourite post from the month before, which I will also share on my Facebook page, twitter feed and pinterest page.

This month, I am sharing my post on the change that I want to make for neurodiversity in 2018. Hopefully this linky will help bring about the changes I hope to see.

I look foward to reading your posts, so please feel free to share your posts (old or new). If you have any questions, please contact me.

The rules

  1. The linky will open on the first Thursday of each month, and will remain open until the last day of the month
  2. You can link up to two posts each month.
  3. Please comment on my host post and at least one other post, including #NeurodiversityNotions in the comments. 
  4. Share your posts on instagram, twitter and pinterest with the hashtag #NeurodiversityNotions. I will reshare items where you mention me (@LifeAndASC).
  5. Include the linky badge in your post, by copying any pasting the html below into the bottom of your post
  6. Please be kind and respectful of each other. If you do disagree with someone, please be considerate in your response. Change can only become reality when we find a way to positively work through our differences. 


  1. Helen. I found reading your hopes for 2017 really insightful. I think it's great that you have taken the plunge and started opening up with select others about what you are struggling with and have found that your honesty has been met with support and understanding. #neurodiveritynotions

  2. Thank you. I have to say I am nervous about how it will turn out, and whether it will be a success. My hope is that the collective voices shared each month will help to highlight the changes that are needed, and enable that change.


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