Autism research and the launch of Discover

Last week I attended Autistica's launch of Discover, at the London Transport Museum - a network for autistic people, families, professionals and researchers. I am excited about what they are hoping to achieve through collaboration, in their quest to improve understanding and support for autistic people. It was a great evening in an amazing location and has the promise to bring about some much needed change for autistic people, and their families.

It is not often you get asked to take part in a video campaign, or attend a launch party in London .... at least not for me. As soon as I read the email from Autistica, I knew that it was something that I wanted to support.

When I started blogging, I wrote about wanting to connect with those who have previously experienced what we were going through and hoping that we would be able to provide insights to those who came after us. To me, this is exactly what Discover is all about - coming together to share our experiences in order to make a difference.

to connect with those who have made this journey before us so we may learn from them, and provide some insight to those who find themselves on this journey after us

I am excited about the possibility of changes that Discover could bring about, and hope that many others feel the same way and choose to sign up to the network.

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