Superheroes, lego and an autism friendly hour

lego superhero art of the brick exhibition

Lego, superheroes and an autism friendly session. You couldn't have found a more perfect exhibition than Art of the Brick for my 7-year-old son to go see.

The exhibition, which is being hosted in London near Waterloo and is advertised as the worlds biggest Lego exhibition, is a collection of Lego DC Superhero characters which runs until early September with another autism friendly session at the end of August. 

I was so excited when I first read about the exhibition and even more so when I received an email from Autistica that they were having an autism friendly session at the end of each month.  And we were not disappointed.

It was everything we could have hoped for and more. The family loved it. It was interesting, calm and well laid out.

a wold of DC super heroes
Each room was a new surprise, with a different theme and lighting that helped bring the pieces to life. From the gallery of the Justice League characters and recreations of comic book covers to abstract representations of the DC superheroes, the exhibition was like a super-cool art exhibition.

Dad loved the recreation of the comic book covers, and Eldest was enthralled as he went around reading about each piece and taking photos to capture what he saw.

Even I was intrigued,  despite not being the biggest Lego fan and only having a limited knowledge of superheroes. Youngest was the only one who did not fully enjoy the exhibition as she was upset by the lack of pink, and was "bored by all the boy stuff".

As we walked around with very few people around us, I was grateful for the autism hour. A calm space and a limited number of people meant Eldest didn't get overstimulated, which can often be a challenge when we are in crowds. For much of the time, we were in the rooms on our own or with one or two other people, and there was no jostling to see each item.

It was also comforting to know that other people walking around were autism aware, and I didn't feel a need to apologise or explain when Eldest randomly butted into other peoples conversations to correct them (there was never a superboy!) or give them extra facts to add to the knowledge of what they were reading.

By the time we got to the end, we had all learnt something new about DC superheroes. Pity this is only a temporary exhibition as I know Eldest would love to go again, and again, and again.

Eldests attempt to copy Lex Luthor's* grimace

* PS. I am told this is Lex Luthor in his power suit, for those that don't recognise him
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