Successfully riding a bike after 3 years of trying

riding a bike can be difficult when you have proprioceptive difficulties

Last week saw a MAJOR achievement for us, Eldest overcame his lack of confidence on his bike and has started to cycle without us holding onto the back of the bike. It has taken 3 years to achieve this, and in the end it took just 2 minutes for him go from can't ride to independent rider.

For the past 3 years we had tried everything, and for a while we thought that his proprioceptive challenges would stand in the way of him being able to succeed.  Our bike balance buddy has been a massive back saver, due to the amount of time we have had to run behind him. Attempts to get him to go it alone would be fraught as his anxiety kicked in. and despite ongoing encouragement we were unable to convince him to try without our support.

In the end it took seeing a boy from our neighbourhood also learning to ride, and him wanting to do the same. Looking back his success was down to repeated gentle guidance on what to do, never pushing too hard, patience and waiting until he was ready.

Today the first thing he wanted to do was head out with his Dad and go for a bike ride through the woods. The smile on his face on returning home from his ride was as big as I have seen. He really seems to be enjoying his new found skills.

Seeing eldest overcome his struggles with learning to ride, and finding the confidence to go it alone has given me hope that we will have similar successes with some of our other challenges.

For those who are still learning, this post on Learning to Ride a Bike offers some great advice on learning to ride.

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