Trying to be a parent when all you want to do is crawl into bed and hide

Once a parent, always a parent - there are no days off. Not even when you want to hide away from the world for a while when things get tough.

As a working mum, the weekends are important. This is my time to spend with my children, sharing fun times and building the bonds between us through shared positive moments. At least that is my ambition. The reality is often a "little" different. I am exhausted, the kids just want to watch telly, trying to get my Son to do anything is a challenge due to his demand avoidance, and finding the energy to do anything can be a struggle. 

It has been a tough week, and all I want to do is crawl into bed so I can hide away from the world for a bit 

Since November I have been battling with multiple bouts of illness, which has meant a lot of time in bed and not much time with my children. I was aware of not having spend much time with the children recently, and had promised myself that we would do more things together. Work has been intense, but I was coping, and had even been able to make positive progress on a challenging project - until this week. It has been a tough week, and all I want to do is crawl into bed so I can hide away from the world for a bit and feel sorry for myself. But I can't. I am a parent.

I am pretty sure that my kids have a sixth sense for knowing when I am at my lowest, and they seem to step up a gear. If we were in Duracell advert, they would be the bunny who keeps on going .... banging the drum ... on ... and .... on, whilst I would be the bunny in the background on my last legs and barely able to stand before grinding to a stop. 

Feeling bone weary, I was in no mood for the extra early wake-up call on Saturday morning. Pulling the duvet over my head, I hoped that I wouldn't be noticed and that Dad would give in first and head off to deal with the early morning squeals for attention from Eldest & Youngest. It worked.

Tucked up under my duvet and feeling bleh, I aimlessly searched for something interesting to read. My unread book pile, BBC, twitter, facebook, and even some random google searching all came up empty - there was not an interesting story to be found anywhere. How was I to get out of bed, when the world had lost it's mojo?

Why do they always want the most attention when you most want a little peace & quiet

My solitude and pre-occupation with feeling sorry for myself was interrupted by Youngest slipping into bed next to me with a demand for "cuddles, Cuddles, CUDDLES". Her not so subtle clue that she wanted attention. Dad knew to stay well clear of grumpy mum, however the message seemed to get lost in translation for the two junior family members. For two hours I sat in a daze as Eldest explored my knowledge of the world with questions like "how did the first people forge metal when there was nothing to put the melted metal in", and youngest decided the only place to be was sitting on my lap. Why do they always want the most attention when you most want a little peace & quiet?

With the walls closing in and my mood worsening, I planned my escape and managed to creep back upstairs and into bed. Once again I was ambushed, this time by my Eldest who wanted someone to come and help him sort his lego. Realising that resistance was futile I headed downstairs, resigned to the mundane job of sorting the dark lego from the light lego. Sorting lego has to be one of my least favourite activities, second only to sorting puzzle pieces into their boxes after my two have decided to get them all out at once. Thankfully after what seemed like hours, I had earnt my free pass and was no longer in demand. 

I had earnt my free pass and was no longer in demand

Both Eldest and Youngest had busied themselves with activities that didn't involve me, and Dad had offered to get take-out for dinner. My afternoon was free and I was back in bed quicker that you could say Netflix. Even parents need time off and while I didn't get a day off, those few hours were just what I needed.

Mummy times two


  1. Glad you got your couple of hours. Moms need to recharge their batteries too.

  2. I am so glad you got your rest in the end. It is so difficult. I feel a huge pressure to just get my work done on my kid-free day and I must admit I don't remember the last time I had any time alone, just me, to do whatever I wanted. I think I will make some this weekend - because you are so right, we deserve it. xx #PostsFromTheHeart

  3. Aw I'm sorry to hear you are not well, its exhausting when all you want to do is curl up, and they won't allow it. Get better soon. xxx


  4. Hear, hear. We so need our time. Just to recuperate. I absolutely make the most of my commute, listening to music and just being left with my own thoughts #postsfromtheheart

  5. I felt like this on Saturday morning. I couldnt get up and refused to be moved. Dad had to get up with the kids and do football practice.I hid unders the covers with my iphone watching YouTube#postsfromtheheart

    1. I hope you felt a bit more refreshed after taking the time out for yourself.


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