Getting an EHCP - the process, useful links and parents stories

It is just over a year since we got our EHCP, and my Son is now making great progress with the additional support that has been put in place to meet his needs.

It definitely was not an easy journey. This was largely due to the constant uncertainty, trying to pull a huge amount information together & make sense of it all, and the rollercoaster of emotions as we progressed through each stage of the EHCP assessment progress.

You can read about our journey here:

Whilst researching what we needed to consider when going through the EHC Needs Assessment, I came across a number of links and parents stories which provided us with valuable insights. With a bit more time on my hands, now that the required form-filling has slowed down, I thought it would be good to bring them together.

Hopefully, this saves someone else a few hours (weeks) of surfing when they are trying to get their heads around the process and what is needed.

Support & General Resources

First things first, this is definitely a journey you don't want to face on your own as having support and guidance from others can really helps you keep going when things get tough. 

Here are some of the organisations which we found helpful when we were going through our journey. 
  • SOS!SEN - web resources, advice line, workshops, one-to-one advice sessions, advice clinics
  • ISPEA - web resources, advice line, tribunal support, training
  • SEND IAS - web resources, independent support, reviewing documents, attending meetings, providing advice
  • National Autistic Society - web resources,  Education Rights helpline

An overview of the EHCP Process 

Below is my view of the EHCP process, with key things to consider as you move through each of the different stages. This is not exhaustive and is intended to help signpost you to the different things that you may want to find out more about.

A big thank you as well to the lovely team at Bucks SEND IAS who have worked with me over the past few months to ensure that my overview of the process was accurate.

overview of key considerations for getting an EHCP (education, health and care plan)

Here is the collection of resources I have found, and which I have tried to align to each stage of the EHCP journey. Do let me know if you know of anything else which I could add to the list.

The EHC Assessment Process






      Appealing your EHCP

      Reviewing your EHCP - Annual / Emergency Reviews

      The process doesn't end when you get your EHCP, here are some of the links I have found which make reference to annual / emergency reviews (an emergency review follows the same process as annual reviews).

      Legal Q&A

      If you still have questions, then reach out to one of the many organsiations which can provide you with support (see above). For common questions, here are two FAQ which I have been able to find. 

      Other parents stories

      When we went through the EHCP process, the one thing I wanted was the personal insights from other parents who have been through a similar experience. Here is a collection of some parents stories who have faced the EHCP assessment process. If you have a story that you would like to share (published or unpublished), then do get in touch and I can add you to the parents stories.

      • Various families have fed back their experiences and thoughts of what it is like to go through the EHC assessment process on the ehcp journeys website 

        Final thoughts

        The EHCP process is daunting, tough, and at times the stress & pressure can be overwhelming. With everything that is going on, it is so easy to become isolated and to feel like it is you vs. the system. 

        For those going through the process, or about to start the process, know that there are many options out there to help support you each step of the way. You got this!

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