Hopes for the school year ahead


Our relationship with school could be described as rocky.

A year ago we faced the start of the new school year without a school, and three months later there was an emergency EHCP review and a request by the new school to move our Son to a special BESD (Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties) school.

This year we have a school, and I have been thinking about my hopes for the year ahead.

My hopes for the year ahead include:
  • Staying at the school: after 3 schools in 2 years, I really hope that we will finish the school year in the same school that we started
  • Building school relationships: we have learnt the hard way how difficult things are when you don't have the schools support, this year I want to build strong relationships with the school so that we can collaborate together to support my Son.
  • Making a friend: my Son desperately wants to make friends, however his difficulties with social communication and interactions means that he struggles to make connections with his peers. Making a friends is one of my greatest wishes for my Son.
  • Writing a paragraph: writing has always been a struggle as my Son has always resisted any attempts to get him to write. He is capable of writing and has written simple sentences, he just chooses not too. I am looking forward to reading his first written story, as he has a great imagination. 
  • Less negotiation: any request to do something is usually countered with an attempt to negotiate the request, and a good dose of resistance & avoidance. Less frequent negotiation will certainly make my daily life a little easier. 
  • Some consideration:  emotional self-regulation and theory of mind are two key areas that we are focusing on to support my Son's needs, any progress in my Son's ability to self-regulate his emotions and consider other people's points of view will be a major milestone for us.

Fingers crossed, this year our school relationship is a little less rocky and lot more positive as we build on the progress that we started to make at the end of last year.
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  1. I've just written a post on our hopes for the new school year too :) I hope you and your son get the wishes on your list. #bloggerclubuk

    1. Loved reading your post - and that one of your hopes is for your daughter to stay happy.

  2. Being happy at school is a massive determiner in a child's success. I hope this year goes a lot smoother and you reach all of those goals. Good luck and good communication. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. it does have such a big impact - in all areas. I am hopeful we will have a great year this year.

  3. Oh I hope these are achieved. It's hard to know when our kids want 'normal' things that are difficult for them. Staying in he same school - seems so simple for some. Anthony is well liked in his class but I know despite his desires he doesn't have a proper friend like other kids do. I wish all the best for the next year. Thanks for joining in #spectrumsunday, hope to see you there again

    1. It is so hard when they want something that they struggle with. I wish Anthony all the best in making a proper friend.


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