An unexpected mothers day

a positive mothers day

I didn't have high hopes for mother's day this year.

My Son spent his last birthday party sitting under the table refusing to interact with his party guests, Christmas day was marked with extreme levels of excitement levels, and Valentines day "was cancelled for everyone" by my Son during a full-blown meltdown when I stuck a heart on his hand-made card the wrong way round (I went landscape rather than the expected portrait) after he asked me to help him finish the card for his dad. 

With this in mind, I didn't make any plans for mother's day as I didn't want a day filled with anxiety due to the additional demands that these types of days can bring to our Son. What I didn't know was that the family has other plans. 

What I didn't know was that the family had other plans.

From an early age both kids have enjoyed cooking, and so Dad had planned that they would all work together to buy the ingredients, then bake and decorate a cake for me. Apparently the original plan was that this would all happen while I was out on Saturday morning, however it took a "little" longer than planned and so I was asked to away from the kitchen for "no particular reason". 

Just stay out of the kitchen, for no particular reason.

The rest of the afternoon was one hilarious moment after another as my Son took the lead on distraction duty and went to great lengths to try make me believe that there was nothing going on in the kitchen. 

This involved:
  • Insisting that his Dad and sister wear their aprons back-to-front when around me, so that they could pretend that they were wearing the aprons as superhero capes.
  • Constantly saying "Nah, there is nothing going on", "there is no special day tomorrow" and "we are not doing anything".
  • A full blown charm offensive as my Son kept offering to do little jobs for me, and then insisted that this younger sister do the same
  • Repeated "whispered" instructions to Dad and Sister, telling them what to do next and how they should distract me

Nah, there is nothing going on

Finally his sister couldn't wait any longer, and she brought me the flowers that they had chosen when out shopping. 

When he walked out of the room we feared that he was heading for a meltdown as his sister had gone off plan. 

My heart melted and I was close to tears when he returned with the empty sweet bucket that he had hidden in his room at Halloween. It was filled with water so that I could use it as a vase. 

By now the secret was well and truly out, with his sister repeatedly asking Dad when they could decorate the chocolate cake in the kitchen. 

Once again he had a plan and decided to tell me the secret that they were baking me a cake for mothers day, but I mustn't tell anyone.

It's our secret

Eventually the cake was decorated and with a Happy Birthday from my Daughter, and Happy Valentines Day from my Son, I was allowed to see the cake. 

It was a work of art!

As I ate that piece of cake I thought about what a fantastic achievement it had been for our Son and our family, and felt incredibly lucky that I had received such a treat this mothers day.  

By finding a way to involve something that he loved and allowing him to take the lead in bringing it together, my husband was able to find a way to celebrate mothers days without it becoming too overwhelming for my Son. 

It was more than I could have ever hoped for!

Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

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