Diagnosed with autism - One year on

It is exactly a year since the week it was confirmed that my Son likely has autism, and I started my blog and posted my first entry about the week we found out.

Reading back on my first blog post I can see how far we have come in the past year in understanding his needs, and yet we still face many of the same questions around how best to support him going forward.

Reflecting on the year gone by

Little did we know how quickly things would escalate, and how isolating the whole experience would be not just for my son but for us as a family as we struggled to get through the application for an EHCP and come to grips with his increasing need for help as he grew older and his challenges became more evident.

As we face ourselves with yet another school move, the question around what is the best educational setting for him still weighs heavy on our minds and we look at another year of uncertainty as we try to find our way through it all.

The one thing that we have learnt is that there are many other people out there who are facing the same struggles, and who are working to change things. These parents work tirelessly each day to support their children, fight for the help their children need, and as if that was not enough many of them are also working hard to improve things for the wider community as well.

Hopes for the year ahead

My hope for this time next year is that the spotlight on ensuring reduced times for diagnosis will have helped to bring about changes at a national level - with improved pathways for diagnosis, and a greater level of support ... not just for the children but for the parents and families impacted as well.
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