EHC Needs Assessment - Past the First Hurdle

what is took to get a yes to doing an ehc needs assessment

This week we were told by the LA that they had reconsidered our case, and will carry out an EHC needs assessment for our Son, just a week before we were due to go to mediation.

We were beyond excited and relieved to get that phone call as it has been a long 3 months. In that time we have had some highs and lows, as we struggled to gather together the evidence required to support our EHC needs assessment request.

Finally our perseverance in trying to get assessments and reports from every professional we could self-refer to, seems to be paying off.

The Road Ahead

8 weeks before a decision is taken on whether an EHC plan is needed for our Son

We are very much aware that this is only the first hurdle that we have managed to overcome, however we are a little more hopeful. Fingers crossed, we now have enough evidence now to support getting a plan in place with an adequate level of support.

Have you been through the EHC Assessment process - how did you approach it and what was your journey like? It would be great to hear about your experiences, so future parents have more insight into what to expect ...


  1. Our School point blank said our daughter wouldn't get one.she leaves School this yr after being diagnosed with ASD and incontinence only December 2015 after fighting since she was little girl has being to he'll and back during her School yrs through having no support. She has anxiety problems now due to bullying and not being on School trips because she was a liability and too higher risk to go on them as School had no support or funding for her. Is this a discrimination case against a child who has every right to go places like normal people. Because my daughter's now scared for life.she being on Fla since 2005. Middle rate.thankyou.

    1. IPSEA or SOS!SEN can advise on your rights, and what should be done.

      We ended up making the application ourselves, rather than depend on our school, so I know that it is possible to make an application without needing to wait for the school to apply. We also self-referred to an Educational Psychologist, again without waiting for the school to refer us. It can be such a challenge if the school are not supportive.


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