A well deserved break - time out from all things Autism

I have quickly found that you need super human powers to successfully navigate the many twists and turns that come with trying to get a diagnosis, obtain an EHC needs assessment and maintain positive relationships at school in a challenging situation.

After months of trying to run as fast as I could to get help for my Son, I had to call time out on Autism.

The constant pressure to find help, combined with the frustration at how slow things move and the fact that there was little that I could do to move things on were starting to have an impact on me.

Things had got to the stage where I didn't feel like I could take any more challenges and I ended up in the Doctor's surgery crying that I didn't know how much more I could take. The problem was I needed to find a way to switch off - I literally had to stop myself from worrying.

In case of emergency apply your oxygen mask before attending to your child

--- Airlines

For the past 4 weeks I have stepped away from it all and used this time to reconnect with myself and my family. During this time I have taken time to read books that were not autism relation, explored my own interests, caught up with friends, spent time with my kids and tried to practice the art of mindfulness.

This time out to focus on myself has allowed me the time to breathe, regroup and find the strength I need to challenge the LA's decision to not carry out an EHC assessment. I also feel that I have a new perspective which is focused on our longer term goals, rather than the short-term needs in reaction to the situation we have found ourselves in.

Sometimes you need to step away before you can move forward

I have also realised that I don't need to address everything today, and need to slow down to allow the process to take its course since getting a diagnosis and the right support is going to take time.

From now on, I will be ensuring that I continue to make time for myself and the family - after all I won't be able to do much for my Son if I am not able to cope due to stress and exhaustion.

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