My Son - more than Autism

This year has been a blur as we try to get a formal diagnosis and support for my Son, whilst trying to come to grips with what ASD (Autism) actually means for him, and what we as parents need to be considering in order to help him successfully navigate his way through life.

Despite our best efforts, we are facing an appeal with the LA as we were turned down for an EHC needs assessment and are in danger of permanent exclusion from school.  Without the assessments we have little idea of the best option going forward as we know so little about his particular challenges and needs.

The ongoing battle on all fronts has been exhausting and draining. 

My hours are spent trying to "tackle the system" rather than creating happy moments with my Son. In between the researching, form filling, appointment scheduling and battling to find support I have started to think of my Son in terms of a label, a diagnosis and the epicentre of a battle that is all-consuming.  

In addition my Son is having meltdowns with increasing frequency which we are constantly trying to anticipate and avoid, and tend to shy away from situations that might be socially challenging. We are now quick to explain to strangers that "he has Autism" when we are out, and each conversation we have at home or with other people tends to be about Autism in one way or another.

With all the battles and the challenging behaviour it can be hard to remember our sweet little boy who have given us so much to smile about.

So I want to take a moment to remember the good things. 

My Son 

An aspiring Doctor of Science
Inquisitive & keen to lean new facts
He has a love of space and rockets 

A keen little helper
Especially when it comes to helping with baking, cooking and gardening
With plenty of ideas and opinions of his own

Enjoys ham, marmite and honey sandwiches (combined in one) 
But won't go near marshmallows or berries

His endless energy makes the moments he slows down seem surreal
He gets the greatest pleasure from playing in a world of his own
And can spend hours with his Lego where he is only limited by his imagination

A confident character who makes you look at life differently

This weekend we embraced the things he loves, and after a few days of sunshine and happy memories the family are all smiling and we have been able to recapture a little of the "pre Autism battle" spirit. 

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