Sent home for behaviour when he should be getting support

informal exclusion from school: sent home when he should be getting support instead of punishment

I am numb.

I have spent all my energy in the past 6 weeks trying to hold it together and following every possible route to try get help for my Son before he gets excluded from school. I failed.

Today he was sent home from school because of his behaviour.

This comes off the back of a particularly difficult time when we are at a stand-off with the school. Yesterday the school told us they want to start him on a reduced timetable which means we would either need to change to working part-time or pay someone to look after him.

As working parents we can't support a reduced time-table, and our Son needs more support at school not more time at home

We refused as we don't think it is the best thing for my son, who is only going to view time off school as a treat. Also as working parents, this is not something that we have the ability to support - even if we wanted to.

We need support - if only I knew where we could get it

I can't blame the teacher as I believe she has tried.

I can't force the school (an independent) as their obligation stops at reasonable measures which is hard to quantify as they will say they think they are doing what is reasonable, there is nothing to stop them from asking my Son to leave the school.

I can't rush the Local Authority as they have a long process to follow to obtain an EHCP and there is no fast track for critical situations.

I know that the school have tried some things - fiddle toys, wobble cushions, a tent in the classroom and catch me cards to try encourage positive behaviour. But they have told us that they can’t provide him with any personal support in the classroom or at lunchtimes which is what he needs more than anything else.

I am appreciative of the measures that school has put in place, however I am baffled by the attitude of their SENCO department who won’t get involved as they believe my Son’s difficulties are too complex for them. Is this not the function of a SENCO?

Feeling judged for not agreeing to a reduced time-table

My heart aches for my Son and I feel for his teacher who doesn't seem to have the training or the support to deal with what is obviously an increasingly difficult situation for her. They are both suffering and I have not been able to help either of them.

On top of that I feel like I am being judged because I don't want to be forced into giving up work. I already feel guilty about not getting help sooner, how he behaves towards the other children at school, and the impact this is having on his teacher – I just don't know how much more I can take.

Trapped with no easy way out. And just as we seemed to be starting to make some progress. 

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