Finding training and resources to understand more about autism

where you can find answers and understand more about what autism is, and what it means for your child

I have been looking into training both for us, and the school, as we want to understand more about autism and the thing we need to consider.

I also want to be able to let the school know what training they can go on, in the hope that they will consider going so that they can understand how to support my son and successfully address the challenging behaviour they have been experiencing.

So here is what I have found.

Parents/ Carers

EarlyBird/ EarlyBird Plus 
Support programmes for parents and carers, offering advice and guidance on strategies and approaches for dealing with young autistic children

Autism Berkshire Training
Training for people on the autism spectrum, parents, carers and professionals working with people with autism, promoting understanding of autism and issues associated with autism.
The courses include an introduction to autism spectrum conditions, advice for parents and carers, and life skills for autistic adults

National Autistic Society Training Courses
A range of training courses, including online training.

Training includes:

There are also a range of downloadable resources available on the NAS website 


Buckinghamshire Learning trust
The core moral purpose of the Trust is to increase the number of schools and settings giving good and better provision to children and young people and to reduce the number of schools and settings falling into Ofsted categories.
One of their courses is Autism in The Early Years - details can be found by clicking here 

They also have half day courses on understanding autism spectrum conditions, like the one introduction to autism one listed here.

Inclusion Development Programme 
Part of the government’s strategy to improve outcomes for children with special educational needs
and was first outlined in Removing Barriers to Achievement information 

They have an online course for supporting children on the autism spectrum in the Early Years

These include Inclusion Development Programme a free interactive resource for headteachers, leadership teams, teachers, teaching assistants and trainee teachers.

National Autistic Society
There are a number of resources for Educational Professionals available on the NAS website.

This includes a 2 day TEACH programme which aims to develop your understanding of how to support people on the autism spectrum using the TEACCH programme.

Autism Education Trust (AET)
The purpose of the Autism Education Trust (AET) is to improve the education of children and young people with autism, and has a range of training resources, all of which are accessible from their home page.

There are a number of training hubs which offer nationally delivered face-to-face training for professionals

They also have a range of online resources including a schools autism competency framework has been developed by the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with consultants with expertise in autism.

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