In my last post I wrote about suspecting I was autistic after having struggled with feeling like an outsider, often being viewed as abrasive at work and increasing anxiety as I struggled with uncertainty and conflict at work.

This is my next diary entry, after I had spoken with my husband about my suspicions and contacted a chartered psychologist to book an autism assessment.
my journey being assessed for autism as an adult

If you have been following my blog posts, you may have noticed that I have started writing more about my own experiences, as well as my sons. Earlier this year I opened up about my Secret Hopes and Fears after I decided to embrace my vulnerability, and since then I have been on a journey of my own as I was assessed and then diagnosed as autistic.
high intensity social events can lead to social overload and a social hangover

I am currently struggling with a "social hangover". I don't know if this is "a thing" but it perfectly describes how I feel when I need to shut myself off after a period of increased social demands. After a busy week with multiple social events, I am now exhausted, on edge and need time to socially detox.

Last week I attended Autistica's launch of Discover, at the London Transport Museum - a network for autistic people, families, professionals and researchers. I am excited about what they are hoping to achieve through collaboration, in their quest to improve understanding and support for autistic people. It was a great evening in an amazing location and has the promise to bring about some much needed change for autistic people, and their families.
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